Animal Health Care

For taking care of animal health requirements, there is a full-time experienced veterinarian and a trained compounder. They regularly monitor the health of animals and take / suggest suitable preventive and curative measures. If need be, help from Ranchi Veterinary college and also from local practicing veterinarians or form other zoos is taken.

Infrastructure for animal health care.

(a) A well equipped operation theatre and pathological laboratory.

(b) Isolation wards to facilitate treatment and nursing of sick/injured and orphan animals.

(c) A quarantine ward to house the rescued and newly acquired animals having small and big cells with open / closed nurseries.

(d) A well-equipped post-mortem room.

Zoo Hospital

This hospital takes care of the veterinary needs of the zoo inmates. A full fledged veterinarian and a trained compounder work in the hospital. Necessary equipment,
tools and machines are available in the hospital.


Carcasses of dead animals are disposed of by burning them in the wood-based incinerator.

Ban on usage of plastic articles

Bhagwan Birsa Biological Park, Ranchi has banned usage of plastic covers/bags inside the zoo.

Sufficient number of warning boards prohibiting use of such articles inside the zoo have been put up at many places. Visitors are screened for plastic articles at the entrance gate.

Feed Godown-cum-Kitchen

This facility caters to the feed requirements of wild animals of the zoo in a very systematic manner. Different types of diets are prepared in the kitchen every day according to the need-based prescriptions for the animals. The work of preparing of various diets for animals requires utmost care, vigilance and patience from the staff of the zoo. Feed articles are procured through tender. However, green fodder is mostly produced internally. Due importance is given to the quality and quantity of the feed article supplied to the zoo. Every feed article supplied to the zoo is properly checked for its quality and quantity by the staff before it is taken to the stock.

Providing wholesome diet in required quantity to the zoo immates is one of the two highest priority considerations adopted by the zoo administration, the other being the animals health care.

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